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Theory, design and calculations" (in Russian), Svyaz'izdat, Moscow.

Selected Chapters.
This book became a bibliographic rarity, and currently is inavailable to bulk of interested readers. We aim to publish this classic masterpiece completely. But, due to complexity of job undertaken, the book will be published by separate parts. First of all, we will publish the chapters that are most interesting from the practical point of view, and will start with examples of calculation. Further, the content will be supported with appropriate theoretical background.

"Soviet radio", Moscow.

In this book the fundamentals of correct designing the electronic devices are stated. The book contains practical and the theoretical recommendations of a search and neutralization of the spurious couplings and external disturbances.
The material is given by the editors of a site "Oldradio".
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4.

The recommendations for designing tube amplifiers.

Designing and calculation the low frequency tube amplifiers,
edited by A.A.Rizkin, 1968
(in Russian)

Low frequency amplifiers,
G.V. Voyshvillo, 1939
(in Russian)
Choice of a mode of the SE-stage on the triode with a active loading.
Choice of a mode of the PP-stage with a active loading.
Example of calculation for rectifier on the vacuum valve
From book - The power supplies of a communication devices I.I. Budanzev, A.R. Sivakov, (in Russian) Leningrad 1957

Stabilizers with glow VR tube (in Russian) (For those under 30)
From book - Voltage and current stabilisers, K.B.Mazel 1955.

Power Supply Filters for Low Frequency Amplifiers. (in Russian)
From book - Telecommunications Power Systems, 1965.

Fundamentals of the theory and calculation of electronic amplifiers,
A.A.Rizkin, 1965.
(in Russian)

Designing of electronic voltage regulators (theory and examples) (in Russian)

Leakage inductance calculation (in Russian)
Calculation of a internal capacitances of transformer. (in Russian)

Noble metal's solders. (in Russian)

Use of tubes. (in Russian)