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Experimental Data

 Experimental Data

The data for these tubes is obtained empirically. Each file, contains the block of data (average readings) and the diagram which shows the modeling results. An attitude towards every type of tube was subjective. Those tubes seeming more perspective were examined more carefully. Namely, greater number of points for characteristic curve was chosen, greater number of samples was examined, and the coefficients for modeling were selected more carefully. For other tube types, a limited number of data points were gathered, for familiarization. You can expand this model or pick up coefficients for the model, using the program TuParam.m (

We welcome your contributions to expand the existing tube model database and will publish the model and (or) data presented by you.

File Version Producer
6N8C.xls 08.01.2002 Eugene
6N6P.xls 08.01.2002 Eugene
6N1P.xls 09.01.2002 Eugene
6N5P.xls 09.01.2002 Eugene
GU50.xls 09.01.2002 Eugene
6C41C.xls 09.01.2002 Eugene
6N23P.xls 09.01.2002 Eugene
6P3C.xls 10.01.2002 Eugene
6P14P-T.xls 27.03.2002 Eugene
File Version Producer
6P45S-T.xls 27.03.2002 Eugene
6N13S.xls 02.09.2002 Eugene
6F5P.xls 21.10.2002 Eugene
6N3P.xls 07.04.2003 Eugene
6S6B.xls 01.03.2004 Eugene
6N27P.xls 06.12.2004 Eugene
6N2P.xls 28.12.2004 Eugene
6S19P.xls 22.04.2005 Eugene
6S4S.xls 29.07.2006 Shevchenko