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  • GlassWare Audio - An excellent site promoting the vacuum tube based amplifiers. Here you can find some basics of vacuum tube scheming theory, and a considerable list of old and very interesting books describing how to develop the Hi-End amplifiers.

  • Oldradio - This is the site to be visited first of all when searching for Data Sheets (in Russian) of "Made in USSR" vacuum tubes.

  • Intusoft - Integrated simulator - I-SPICE. This site contains a description of an integrated simulator program I-SPICE, and lots of useful newsletters on SPICE modeling.

  • Duncan's Amp Pages - This is an excellent site containing lots of vacuum tube simulation models, tube Data Sheets, and links.
    - This personal site contains the author's articles on SPICE vacuum tube simulation modeling and SPICE parameters defining.

  • ALL SPICE Stuff - This site contains all information about SPICE.

  • MICRO-CAP - A trial version of this program is available free for download.