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Power Supply for High-End Vacuum Tube Amplifiers


A high-quality power supply unit for Hi-End Audio System is essential to enjoy all beneficial properties of a vacuum tube based audio amplifier.
Often, this part of any audio system was never sufficiently respected, and no proper attitude was paid to the specifics of feeding the vacuum tube based stages.
However, if inadequately designed and incompetently implemented, the power supply unit adds substantial non-linear distortions and noise to the amplified signal. This is extremely crucial to single-end stages.
We satisfy all the requirements imposed to the power supply units incorporated into Hi-End vacuum tube based audio amplifiers:

  • A specially constructed and carefully shielded line transformer of superfluous output power and of reduced flux density is employed to linearize its electric properties and performance
  • Only vacuum tube rectifiers are employed to rectify an alternate current. This is to avoid a high-frequency noise produced by transients within silicon rectifiers, and to provide a slow increase of anode potentials when turning-on
  • Only inductive p-filters and paper-foil reservoirs are employed to smooth an output voltage
  • A separate regulated channel of power supply is added to feed a pre-amp